Thursday, February 02, 2006

Underneath the Bunker

Hmm. This one isn't quite a world exclusive (see previous post), because I see from the email that it has been sent to a few other bloggers as well. But it's certainly not well known either.

Underneath the Bunker describes itself as 'the online home of Europe's premier cultural journal.' It is said to contain, if you poke around a bit, 'reviews of the great-unknown literary masterpieces of the last few decades (including Tosca Calbirro’s Under An Unquiet Sun – one of the first novels to be written entirely on toilet roll) but it is also showcasing a new medium called Intercutting, devised by two young Frenchmen, which brings film techniques into the region of the short story.'

'May the treacle of culture drip onto your faces', adds the general editor, Georgy Riecke.

Hmm. I am not normally sensitive to the nuances of send-up (I thought the Report from the Iron Mountain was a genuine document), but I think I detect a sense of humour here somewhere. But it's a mighty elaborate spoof, I must say.

Mr Riecke is, it seems, a resident of Vladivostock. Or he may live in Guildford.

Take a look around and see what you think. I think bits of it are very funny. But then the whole of 'serious intellectual life' -- or whatever it calls itself -- is pretty hilarious anyway.

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