Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Blookreader Awards

Crumbs. I've been offered a world exclusive, so I could hardly pass up on that.

Over at the View from the Pundy House, Bill Liversidge has set up the Blookreader Awards. He describes this enterprise as 'the world's most modest literary award', but, as there are three prizes (book tokens for £100, £50, and £25), I don't think I would agree with that. Anyway, what makes this award unusual is that 'it's aimed at Readers not Writers. There's plenty of awards for writers already.'

The chance of £100 for reading a blook and writing a short review sounds pretty good to me. And if you want to know more about what constitutes a blook, just read the other recent entries on Bill's blog.

And, er, just by way of coincidence, Bill has a blook of his own. It's called A Half Life of One, and it is, naturally, available online.

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