Friday, February 03, 2006

British blogs

There's a new kid on the blogging block: British It's still in beta at this stage, but in the course of time it will offer a few facilities that might be useful: for instance, you can arrange to be sent an email when a post appears containing certain keywords.

They say you learn something new every day. Who would have believed, for instance, that there was a blog about Butler Sheet Metal Ltd., and that you could learn about how to deal with an order for an assortment of 27 zintec planters to be painted matt black for a garden architecture firm down in London. Can't think how I managed without it.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of close to Spam; I'm starting to eat the real thing now that as a writer, I've gone from rags, to riches and back to rags.
I had it explained to me by a Damon-Runyon character out in the street:
All writers are ..ckheads. One-note artists. They are compulsive, and they don't stop. Your script, for example.