Monday, February 27, 2006

Tao Lin: Bed

Tao Lin is a writer who has been mentioned here once or twice. And now, via Bookslut, we hear that Bed, his collection of short stories will be published by Melville House.

Tao Lin has his own blog, of course, and has things to say about the deal, as you would expect. It seems that he wants some negative blurbs to publicise the work. And you don't even have to read the book in order to declare, with absolute authority, that it is... Well, find your own choice of words.

Melville House is a relatively new publishing house. It is associated with a famous blog called Moby Lives, which tells its own story.

I see that one of the books on the Melville House list is entitled A Reader's Manifesto: an attack on the growing pretentiousness in American literary prose. No shortage of source material for that one then.


Anonymous said...

"A Reader's Manifesto" began as an article in the Atlantic back in 2001; it was basically a condemnation of Guterson, Proulx, DeLillo, and several others.
I liked it back then, I remember (I'm happy to say I've matured a little bit since then). It was very reactionary, very emperor's-new-clothes-ish.
It was twenty pages long, or so, but I think it might have been equally effective for Myers to have said: "These are writers that reviewers and critics generally favor. I don't like them."
~Will Entrekin

Penelope Sanchez said...

I feel like a jerk for being surprised that such a young writer could do what Tao Lin does. The beginnings of the stories in Bed make me feel like I am an ant being picked up and dropped in a swimming pool in New Jersey. The middles and ends of the stories in Bed make me feel like I am an ant not quite dying for some reason, in a swimming pool in New Jersey, hearing muzak being piped in from underwater speakers. They are all slightly different from one another. They are all good.

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