Monday, February 06, 2006

How the industry has changed

Derek Johns, retiring president of the UK Association of Authors’ Agents, has given a succinct summary of the recent, and significant, changes in the book trade.

Meanwhile, the whole discounting strategy, which is inevitably mentioned by Johns, is given an airing by Roger Tagholm.

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Anonymous said...

Amazon worldwide sold 1.6 million copies of the latest Harry Potter - surprise, surprise this did not return them a profit.

"Turnover is vanity : profit is sanity"

Without the advantage of listing and commission income from over a million 3rd party sellers Amazon would be unable to deliberately price point new books at a level which does not show them a profit.

In the short term their customers are the winners : however, retail history shows that such discounting will always have knock-on business failures, and often in the long-term a reduced catalogue selection.

As a rural independent bookshop owner I have made a submission to the Competition Commission re Waterstone's acquisition of Ottakar's. Me, I'm strongly for the takeover as without a vibrant retail bookshop backbone, via a resurgent Waterstone's, the supermarkets and Amazon are going to control the UK booktrade to suit their shareholder's interests.

Clive Keeble