Thursday, February 23, 2006

King's Lynn Writers' Circle short story contest

The (UK) King's Lynn Writers' Circle short story and poetry competition is now open for entries. The closing date is 31 May. See for full details and an entry form.

There are those who are deeply suspicious of short-story and poetry competitions, if they charge an entry fee (and this one does), on the grounds that they are money-making rackets. I can only say that most of those that I have seen in the UK seem harmless enough. Usually the number of entries times the individual entry fees amounts to a sum of money just about big enough to cover the prizes, and that's about it.

In this case stories may be up to 1500 words -- which is very short -- and poems up to 40 lines. Entry fees are £3 for the first entry, £2 for the second, and £1 for subsequent entries. The first prize in each section is £100, the second £50, the third £25. No one's going to get rich out of that.

The judge will be Sean Wright, of From which you will see, incidentally, that Mr Wright has had trouble with people pretending to be him.

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