Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tao Lin: I Went Fishing With My Family When I Was Five

Tao Lin has written a children's book -- I Went Fishing With My Family When I Was Five -- and is looking for an illustrator and a publisher. You can read all about it at Reader of Depressing Books, or on its own site.

As for I Went Fishing... Well, I like bits of it. Shows promise. But needs a little work, I feel.

Tao Lin is also working on a novel, one which shows definite signs of originality. Which I personally think is overrated. Originality, I mean. Not the novel.


Anonymous said...

So which repetiton of "The next night we ate whale" was your favorite? It sounds like the illustrator has his work cut out for him. As for the novel, in this particular case it seems that originality is indeed overrated.

Anonymous said...

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