Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Big-budget book marketing

Most small, independent, or self-publishers struggle to get publicity by spending a pound here, a dollar there. They start a blog, send a few emails, perhaps even set up a website, though that takes more time and money than some would care to allocate.

Things are different, however, in the world of big-time publishing. If you want to know how the modern publisher of bestsellers goes about marketing a book, visit the Wall Street Journal, home of the men who really know about money, and read Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg's piece about a forthcoming non-fiction book, The Number.

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Anonymous said...

Egad, if The Number is as dense as poor Mr.Trachtenberg's story about it, you can count me out.
Was The Number worth all this high-
priced help? Probably so. Any publicity in the Wall Street Journal leads to good luck, I suppose.
Myself, I had the good fortune to have come across a really fine
journalist when I set up my own company to publish my Light Over Newmarket. Not only did Dick Illingworth tout and fully review the book, but he saved me some embarrassment by saying the book was published with an assist from
the Ontario Arts Council (I took the grant money and published the
book with it). I then proceeded to run for mayor of Newmarket, Ontario
and on doing that, made sure each of my 2,000 supporters got a copy of Light Over Newmarket; that made it an Ontario best seller if nowhere else.
To the author of The Number: Hire me to push your book. I thought my vocation was that of writer, but it's more like hustler.