Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The great fiction crash?

Sand Storm kindly provided me with a link to an article in the Canadian Globe and Mail, arguing that fiction sales are well down world wide.

Well, if they are, the reason is not far to seek. Too much emphasis on the writer and not enough on the reader. Also, we have every newspaper that publishes book reviews continuing to review what they describe as the 'good stuff' -- which many experienced judges regard as unreadable (see post below) -- while steadfastly ignoring books which ordinary readers buy by the tens of thousands.

This article, by the way, turns out to be the source of the story about James W. Nichol -- see second post below.


Anonymous said...

-there will always be a market for well-written fiction, which most Canadian fiction is NOT. We have a mindset in Canada that we must support our authors, good or bad.This has led to a plethora of books which would never have seen the light of day had their authors not been Canadian-very irritating

Anonymous said...

Well. Finally. Someone has said it.
It's all politics and government money, isn't it?