Monday, December 19, 2005

End of year quotes

The Sunday Times has an end-of-year round-up from the book world which is tolerably entertaining for once. It consists of the year's 'best' quotes from reviews, interviews, et cetera.

For example we have the sentence of the year:
In an attempt to breathe life back into the traditional pillars of the economy, the coffin of classical liberalism was nailed shut.
That's Richard Holmes, getting himself almost as confused in his metaphors as was the famous Sir Boyle Roche.

Then there's more about Terry McMillan's failure to notice that her husband was gay; and there's Margaret Drabble ticking off her husband, in public, for spelling Joyce Cary's name wrong. (Michael Holroyd stuck an e in there. Good grief, the chap ought to be shot.) And more.