Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Everyone Can Contact Anyone

There are good days, bad days, and really, really good days. Yesterday was a really, really good day.

Gerard Jones wrote to tell me that his Everyone Who's Anyone web site had 300,000 hits following the appearance of two online articles, one in Variety, and the other, which looks like a rip-off of the first, in Cinematical.

These articles belatedly tell the story which was aired here back on 31 October.

Well, I did tell that lady from Universal, in a personal email which was reproduced in my 31 October piece, that, if she picked on Gerard Jones and persisted on trying to close him down, she would achieve precisely the opposite effect from that which she intended. And now there are 300,000 extra people who had never previously heard of Gerard and his site, but who now know where he is and can draw on his resources.

But the really, really good news, for me, is in Variety's last paragraph. Noting that Gerard has done no more than gather together publicly available material, Variety sought an opinion from 'attorney and free-speech expert Martin Garbus'. Garbus says this about Gerard's position in law: 'I think he's protected; email addresses are in the public domain. If anyone took him to court, he'd probably win.'


Anonymous said...

Could it be, could it just be that one person can make a difference in the cronyism and incestuous go-
round in the movies business?
I am starting to think Gerard Jones
might just do it, though I must
say he gave me a pretty good scare
when I got wind of some of his
political ideas. But then he went back to my site and wrote: "Politics is for pussies...GINNY GOOD is a masterpiece.(not a flawed masterpiece as you say)."
All right, all right Gerard, it's a masterpiece.
Ye gads if I had that kind of
self-confidence I'd be John Updike.

Noah Cicero said...

I've always wondered if anyone ever used Everyone who's anyone and got a book deal? does anybody know of any?

Anonymous said...

Gerard Jones's extraordinary campaign against the movie and literary establishment is hilariously informative in itself, but its chief value is to raise the profile of Ginny Good, which (as GJ himself will admit if you press him) is a work of genius.

Ginny Good tells us just how much, and how little, the world has changed. If you are interested in human nature, and in the 1960s, look no further.

Anonymous said...

Me. G.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Has anyone taken up UK rights to Ginny Good yet? You can certainly buy it over here through Amazon, but that's not the same as being able to pick it up in a bookshop.

A UK publisher who thinks 'Well, of course, it might interest Americans, and er . . . Californians and so on, but it wouldn't sell over here' is missing a trick. At the very least, it would lend lustre to any publisher's list. Promise.

Anonymous said...

Nope. No rights of any kind have been sold to anyone anywhere...so much for lustre. And thanks for being one of the three people on earth with some branes. I'm doing the audio rights myself 'cause them's the onliest ones I own. G.

KeiraDoltan said...

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