Thursday, December 22, 2005

M.J. Rose and the letters to Santa

Over at Buzz, Balls and Hype, M.J. Rose has been re-running a feature which she did last year (I seem to remember), namely inviting a few writers to write letters to Santa about what they would like for Christmas.

To tell you the truth I haven't been too enthralled by some of them, but those which appear on 20 December are both a lot of fun and also rather touching.

We have Gayle Brandeis asking Santa to remember those who haven't done too well this year. Then we have a non-fiction writer for a change -- most books are non-fiction, remember -- and this one specialises in self-help. But it seems he still needs a little help from others. Even a top-notch agent and a few published books isn't enough to persuade a publisher to do another one.

Next is M.D. Benoit, who says that she's been a relatively good girl. (How come we don't get the detail about the times when she was relatively naughty?) And finally (on that day) comes Fred Romney, with some interesting stuff about his new publishing company, and how he promises to be good in future if Santa will just give him a break.

All of these letters are good-humoured and entertaining, and they all have some valid and important things to say about the book world de nos jours.


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