Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Woman of Cairo update

On Thursday last I suggested that the progress of Val Landi's online sales drive for A Woman of Cairo would be worth watching.

Well, news is that, over the weekend, his web site for the book had 5,000 visitors from over 20 countries. So many of them clicked on to to buy the book that Amazon ran out of stock. Now Val is talking to Booksurge (the Amazon publishing arm) about getting the thing available again.

Val is so excited that he even includes some unnecessary apostrophes. Well, we'll forgive him, just this once.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Perhaps he need's an editor before launching his book on the world!

Anonymous said...

are you saying it's commatose...sorry

Anonymous said...

Val's book is Woman From Cairo. Woman of Cairo is the wonderful book by Noel Barber that you either love or hate. It tells of life under British rule -a sort of Egyptian Raj story - perfectly detailed. Woman of Cairo is a book simply takes you away to float down the Nile until the author hits you with the reality of war. As a man writing about women, he may not have got the inner self of the women completely right, but it is Cairo that is the hero here. All authors deserve to have their books correctly named.