Thursday, March 30, 2006

Two other guys who give it away

Galleycat reports that two science-fiction writers who are nominated for the Hugo award have decided to give away electronic copies of their potentially prize-winning books.

John Scalzi and Robert Wilson are handing out rtf versions of their novels to anyone who is eligible to vote. For details see Scalzi's web site.

Not surprisingly, if you're familiar with his views, Cory Doctorow doesn't think they've gone far enough. I agree, and I shall be making my own new novel available in pdf form (the complete text, folks) to anyone who takes the trouble to click on a link. Details tomorrow.


James Aach said...

Congrats on the new novel. I know writing one isn't as easy some might expect.

As you noted a few months ago, I posted my novel "Rad Decision" at my blog (in both episodic and PDF formats.) While I'm still as cash-free as I've ever been, I have been getting a lot of validation from readers in the US and UK that my insider portrait of nuclear power is both entertaining and informative. (See the comments on my homepage.)

Positive feedback from strangers is a rare thing in this world, and I'm happy with my decision to post - versus letting my manuscript sit on the shelf or continuing the painful agent merry-go-round. (See my essay at for that story.)

I hope you have the same positive experience.

Peter L. Winkler said...

The PDFs of stories and novels seems to be something that finds favor within the science fiction and computer geek subcultures, but doesn't seem to work anywhere else.