Friday, March 03, 2006

Eat your Greenes

I watched the movie Donnie Darko last night. Well, most of it. Fast-forwarded from time to time. It's supposed to be something of a cult classic and it's certainly confusing enough to give the coffee-cup rattlers something to talk about.

Despite my overall lack of enthusiasm, there was, however, one line in it which I enjoyed.

At one point we have an uptight, born-again Christian type woman complaining bitterly that a high-school teacher is asking teenage children to read a short story by Graham Greene -- a story which she describes as 'filth'.

Someone tries to change her mind. 'I don't think you even know who Graham Greene is,' the character says.

Our Christian woman gives a haughty sniff. 'Well,' she says, 'I think we've all seen Bonanza.'

But you probably have to be quite old to laugh.


That Girl Who Blogs Stuff said...

There are tons of great lines in that movie.

And yes, the "Greene" comment was a good one.

But, it still won't beat:

"Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion."

It just won't.

PS Donnie Darko is one of those movies you have to watch more than once before the pieces start fitting together.

Try again. It's worth it.

Kitty said...

HA HA HA !!!

Anonymous said...

We're-a comin' Little Joe!

Richard Lewis said...

It's interesting how when a writer needs a hypocritical, uptight, cold and insensitive character, the character in easiest, lazy reach is a born-again Christian.

If a bit of terrorism is needed, there's always a devout Muslim at hand.