Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Some other blogs

There are so many other blogs that one can't possibly keep up with them all. However, here are a few which, for one reason or another, I have found worthwhile in recent days.

The Skwib, by Mark Rayner. Particularly his comment about the attempt to trade-mark the term 'super-hero'.

Carla Nayland Historical Fiction. Anyone who quotes extensively from Terry Pratchett is on the side of the angels. Or Angles? She does live in East Anglia, after all.

No rules. Just Write. Is the title of Brenda Coulter's blog, mentioned here before but somehow omitted from the blogroll.

Nimble Books LLC is the successor to various sites operated by W. Frederick Zimmerman, a man once described here as having remarkable energy, and even then I didn't know the half of it.

Marketing for Authors, Kate Allan's only occasional blog, has some interesting case studies.

Miss Snark remains snarky. Which is a very American word, hardly heard over here as yet. But I think we get the drift.

And I'm pretty sure there was another blog by an agent that I meant to mention, but damn if I can remember what it was.

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