Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Small, but perfectly formed

James Morrison is a regular contributor to Bookslut, which takes the form both of magazine and blog. One of James's particular interests is the short novel, about which he has written a number of essays; and the archive of those essays can be found here.

Gathered together under the overall title Small, but Perfectly Formed, the essays range widely over the field of shorter fiction. I for one found quite a few books to add to my list. Since James is an Australian I am tempted to say Good on ya, cobber. Except that I am probably light-years out of date. Nowadays the appropriate Australian commendation is probably I say, jolly well done, that chap. Or something similar. Anyway, James Morrison's archive is a very useful and interesting series of essays by a man who clearly knows his way around some obscure parts of the literary scene.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for that - kind words indeed. Perhaps I should plug myself more often! Anyway, thanks again. I check your blog every day, and always enjoy it. All the best.