Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Places to look at

If bloggers divide, as is sometimes said, into linkers and thinkers, then I am, I like to kid myself, more of a thinker. However, Steve Clackson over at Sand Storm and I have been exchanging emails recently, and he recommended a number of web sites/blogs as worth looking at. I agree, so here they are, as links without much else attached.

First, there's MetaxcuCafe, which is run, I understand , by Bud Parr. This contains enough stuff to keep you busy for quite some time, all on its own.

Then there's Blogcritics.org, which covers popular culture in general. And its offshoot, Desicritics.org, which does the same job for South Asia.

Frank Wilson is the book-review editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, and he finds time to blog about the business in general at Books, Inq. He, by the way, seems to be both a linker and a thinker.

And there's Temple Stark, an Arizona reporter who collects playing cards. Sorta. And he has reviewed Steve Clackson's as yet unpublished and unagented novel, Sand Storm.

Question: If Val Landi is having trouble selling his new novel, through a top agent, because publishers think it's too terrorist-realist, is Steve Clackson going to have any better luck? Watch these spaces.

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a. m. burns said...

Yesterday I spent three hours looking at neat stuff on the Web instead of writing. I learned the dangers of using a cotton swap in a child's ear and that The Accidental by Ali Smith may contain a few serious writing flaws. You've listed some tempting sites here. MetaxuCafe hooked me instantly. I am beginning to wonder if the only way I'm going to finish my writing is to disconnect my Internet service.

a m burns