Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Miss Snark's marathon of synopses

I have remarked once or twice before that modern young writers just don't know they're born. They now have access to so much information that just simply wasn't available 40 years ago.

For instance -- and it is one hell of a for instance -- the agent who blogs as Miss Snark apparently invited people to send her synopses for an online critique. And she spent a week going through them and posting the results. Here's the link. If the page takes a while to open, that's because it's a long page. There's an awful lot of work involved. And the post you're looking for is dated 1 January.

So, there you have it. A real live working agent's take on 100 synopses. Well, 99 actually. There were 107 submitted but various got dropped for various reasons .

Now if you can't learn something from that I just don't know what to do for you.

M.J. Rose noticed this before I did and provided the link. But then she's smart like that.


Anonymous said...

I was one of the "Snarklings" who offered a synopsis to Miss Snark's "Crapometer," as she refers to it. She closely read each of the 99 synopses and made pertinent comments. While we don't know who Miss Snark is, there is no doubt she is an experienced agent and also a good editor. She pulls no punches as she rips apart and praises, challenging the synopses writers to do their best work. The fact that someone would give up their holidays to plow through such murky soil is a testament to her dedication.

MaryB said...

It was great fun - and supremely informational - to follow Miss Snark's synopses critiques. I printed both the positives and negatives to keep in my "good advice" file.

Anonymous said...

While I enjoy, and take with a large pinch of salt, Miss Snark's offerings, I'm increasingly suspicious of this internet loop where one member recommends another link member.
I'd loved to hear what an agent from a reputable publishing company thinks of the exercise.