Monday, January 30, 2006

99 Burning magazine

I got an email the other day, inviting me to take a look at what appears to be a free online magazine called 99 Burning. So I went to see what was what.

As I sat there, feeling somewhat bemused, a sign came up saying 'Click something to read it, dipshit...' Well all right, I thought. All right. Just give me time....

The result, I have to say, when I finally chose something, was not all that encouraging. The first title I clicked on didn't seem to lead anywhere. The second was part three of something and I hadn't read the first two parts -- and frankly, didn't feel any incentive to go looking for them. And the third click produced a sign saying that the piece was coming soon.

Hmmm. Anyway, it all seems to be cutting-edge stuff, if such is your thing, with lots of links to what looks like more of the same. Aimed more at the young, perhaps, than at me.


Anonymous said...

One Woo-Hoo for 99 Burning.
What we are seeing is the return of the hipster, the Beatnik,an interesting enough revisit to the days of James Dean and Kerouac and even Norman Mailer. It was a time just before the Hippies when jazz ruled and people would get their ascot around their necks. Rockers and Mods, later Ray Davies and the Kinks.
Yep, 99 Burning is cutting edge, but a little bit retro.
Now, can they do the work? No time for bad writers and unskilled guitarits. Everything old is new again, but with a twist. Easy enough to play in the key of D, but you have to augment, like Van Dyke
Parks would augment the Beach Boys.

deminizer said...

Dear grumpy old bookman and Ivan... Thanks for visiting my site at 99... Bookman, I wish you would give her a whirl again, nowhere is simply an existentialist joke, and there are a number of stories there, the only piece that is not up is the interview of the feature artist, we put that out on the 10th every month as it brings an influx of people back and saves me from having to put a new mag up every week. This is expensive and time consuming...we strive for as much quality as possible, and yes, I am a 35 year old who should've been a beat...Kerouac, Burroughs, and Bukowski are huge, but so are Nietzsche, Camus, Kafka, and Sarte... also, check out the forum...if you go to you can check out the entire site...