Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Percentages for beginners

I really try not to make a habit of fishing comments out from where they are and sticking them on the front page: it's an invidious practice, especially two days in a row. However, there's a beauty just arrived on the Maddox post of 3 April. The commenter is one zenofeller, though whether this is the zenofeller of zenofeller.com ('the world's leading anal satire site') I know not. Though I doubt there would be two.

After giving other commenters a quick lesson in how to calculate percentages, zenofeller explains about the almost infinite number of emails that can be stored on a hard disc, and then concludes as follows:

if this blog and the people on it are in any way representative of the industry, then here's the explanation why the industry finds itself today in the position of dreaming for a fraction of the video games market.

fucking idiots.

As I always say, a sense of humour is an essential attribute if one is to survive in the book business.


ivan said...

There are some banned vanity licence plates in Ontario, Canada, one of them being, BUM FUC.

Anonymous said...

ha fucking ha.

i hold my view, people making coments shown themselves to be such idiots that if they indeed are representative, it's no fucking wonder.

Anonymous said...

there ya go mr bookman, feel free to read my book (free download through the link above, txt or pdf.)