Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Noah Cicero writes on

A writer is someone who writes, is what I've always said. She doesn't sit around talking about what she does, or telling people that she's going to do a book some day. She writes. And Noah Cicero does as much in this line as most people. Maybe more.

Noah was noted here a while back for Burning Babies. (Not the most attractive title.) Now he has a blog, and the blog tells us about the forthcoming (any day) The Condemned; and about The Furious Land (a freebie via Lulu); and he's also in The Edgier Waters.

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Peter L. Winkler said...

Good Writing?

On his blog, Noah Cicero writes:

"The typical low-budget horror movie is Blood Relic. This movie is about a necklace, that when you put it on, it causes you to kill people. Which makes for a great plot. It has Debbie Rochon in it, which is currently the queen of B horror movies right now. Which used to be Linnea Quigley, she is still awesome though. She was the naked girl in The Return of The Living Dead."