Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Novels set in Venice

A few weeks ago, when I was writing my review of Michelle Lovric’s The Remedy, I thought I might start by mentioning that it was just one of many novels, by many different authors, set in the noble and beautiful city of Venice. And I thought I would list a few.

But then I realised that the list of novels set in Venice, even the ones known to me, is very long indeed. And in any case, I now discover, someone else has done the job for me.

The someone is Jeff Cotton, and if you go to his web site you can find an extensive list of Venice-based fiction, with lots of links -- enough novels, in short, to keep you busy for several years. Not to mention films, comics, and a lot more. And, as if that was not enough, Jeff has also done a similar job for Florence and London.

What set me thinking about this was coming across yet another novel set in Venice. This one is The Lion of St Mark, by Thomas Quinn.

Thomas Quinn is one of those rather tiring and alarming people who seem to be good at everything. In his case, he has had a lengthy and successful career in business, and is currently executive vice president of Swiss Medica, a firm described as 'the maker of several innovative over-the-counter medicines.'

Thomas has no formal training in history (as far as I can see), his degree being in Industrial and Labor Relations (Cornell). But somewhere along the line he acquired a passion for history in general and Venice in particular.

The Lion of St Mark is described on the title page as being Book One of The Venetians, so evidently there is more to come. It is set in the fifteenth century, and Kirkus Reviews tells us to 'Think Tom Clancy channeled for those thrilled by galleons and exploding minarets.'

More details on the author's web site.


kimbofo said...

Oh my! Jeff's website is astounding! Thanks so much for this link. I love reading novels about Venice, and this is THE most exhaustive list I've ever come across!!

Maxine Clarke said...

Have you read Donna Leon? Excellent. And she funds an opera company with her proceeds.
Review by yours truly:

C.W. Sampson said...

Thanks for pointing out this list -- I'm headed on a vacation to Venice and looking for a good read to psych me up. This will be helpful

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This is an interesting list. I knew Venice was a cultural centre in the past but I've never thought about the contribution of Venice in the literature.

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