Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hunger Mountain

Hunger Mountain, it turns out, is a literary journal, connected with the Vermont College of the Union Institute and University. Should you wish to take a look at the kind of stuff they publish, you can find very brief excerpts on the Hunger Mountain web site. These people aren't giving much away, it seems.

Well, literary journals are definitely not my scene, and I only noticed this one because I got an email advising me that Hunger Mountain are running a fund-raising auction on ebay. Various writers and booksellers have donated various items and you can bid for them: details here.

I read up on the relevant web pages because at first, with the Hunger Mountain business, I thought that this was a device to relieve third-world poverty or some such. But, as far as I can see, it isn't. It's just a device to raise funds to keep the journal going. You may be more interested in that than I am.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, by all means let's all pitch in and keep another money pit of a journal afloat for another year. Poverty and hunger can wait.