Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fair enough?

We noted yesterday that Frankfurt was, so to speak, coming to London, in the shape of a book fair to rival the established London Book Fair. And if you want a brief description of what the various fairs are all about, and the pros and cons of the existing situation, Sam Edenborough provides one in the Guardian.

PS added later. According to Publishers Lunch, the CEO of Reed Exhibitions UK (who organise the LBF), made an official coment on the situation. He defended the decision to move the LBF from Earl's Court (fairly central) to Excel (way out), adding 'The London Book Fair is here to stay. We strongly recommend that all of our clients give The London Book Fair one more chance to demonstrate that our exciting vision is achievable at Excel -- anything else would, in our opinion, be a retrograde step.'

As of the time of this post, there is still no official comment on the LBF web site.

Publishers Lunch also spoke to Thomas Minkus, press officer for Frankfurt, and Frankfurt is reportedly overwhelmed by expressions of interest after Friday's announcement. Minkus added: 'I don't think there will be two book fairs in London next year.... It wouldn't be good for anyone,' but clearly he's thinking it's Reed that will have to give away. He expects that the next few months will see the two rivals fighting to sign up publishers and agents.


Paul Ekert said...

I visited a computer fair at the Excel centre sometime back, a fair that moved back to Earls Court the next year. On the face of it, Excel should be ideal. It's not as cramped as Earls Court, the public transport (via docklands) is not so 'basic' as the District line and when you want some lunch, assuming its a nice day, you can sit out by the river Thames and look at the Dome on the other side.

But... Inside, Earls Court has a certain charm whereas the Excel centre resembles a carpet warehouse.

I'm really not sure why it doesn't work for some people (the weapons trade loves it there, perhaps because there is room to moor a Sub and land a Helicopter) and why it doesn't for others...

But one small correction... The Excel is not really "way out side" the city, and Earls Court is not really truly central...

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