Monday, November 14, 2005

Unhappy ending

Terry McMillan is a middle-aged lady (black, American) who wrote a bestselling novel called How Stella Got Her Groove Back. This described how a 42-year-old woman went to Jamaica, found herself a man who was half her age, shagged him silly, and as a result was... well, you know, kind of rejuvenated.

According to the Times, this novel was inspired by Terry McMillan's own experience. She was 43 when a young man aged 20 caught her eye over breakfast at a hotel in Jamaica. The two of them had a passion-filled five days and as a result Terry was... well, you know, kind of rejuvenated. She subsequently married the fellow.

Now Terry McMillan has found out that her handsome young husband is gay, and throughout their marriage has been seeing other men. So she has dumped him, and the two of them are suing each each for this and that.

No, no. You mustn't laugh. Really.

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