Friday, November 18, 2005

Nicole Richie, novelist

Publishers Lunch reports that Nicole Richie (you know, the one who was in that TV thing with Paris) is busy doing signing sessions for a novel which 'she wrote herself.' Wow! Now there's a novelty. Someone doing a book-signing session who actually wrote the book herself.

The lovely Nicole merits about 20 column inches -- in the New York Times, no less -- for this achievement, most of the space being devoted to teenage fans' enthusiasm for Nicole's hair, figure, dress, wit, wisdom, and all like that.

Publishers Lunch wonders why Nicole rates this space above any other young novelist with a book out. Get real, lad.

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archer said...

Steve Martin was quite funny about his first published book. He went on on Saturday Night Live and said something like, "How about that, all you struggling writers out there? I wrote this... and all I had to do to get it published... by a really big-time publisher... was [pause] [contemptuous little snicker] pick up the phone."