Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Noah Cicero interview

Never let it be said that there is not some interesting stuff out there. Of course, what interests me may not interest you, and vice versa, but try this one.

A short while ago I reviewed Noah Cicero's short novel, Burning Babies. And now you can read, if you have the stamina, a 20,000 word interview with him. This is provided by Tao Lin on the blog called Reader of Depressing Books. There are also masses of links to other Noah Cicero stuff.

The blog opened in my browser with a very small font, but you can make it bigger (in Internet Explorer) by clicking View>text size>larger.

This material is worth taking a look at, even if you wouldn't read Noah Cicero in a thousand years, because it illustrates what is possible in this modern world of ours. Writers who only fifteen years or so ago would have had absolutely nowhere to go can now set out their views in a 20,000 interview.

Now what is that? Is it democracy? Freedom? Opportunity? Whatever it is I welcome it.

Tao Lin also has a novel, by the way. It is being posted one bit at a time.


pundy said...

I'm trying to do the same thing but I'm publishing one chapter at a time. The way it's going this guy is going to beat me to it. The problem, as ever, is attracting readers to your blog.

Hmmm said...

That was the most inane thing I've ever read...