Wednesday, August 29, 2007

M.J. Rose's new book

You don't get anywhere in this business by being backward in coming forward. Hence I am not altogether surprised to see what the Mistress of Buzz and book marketing, M.J. Rose, has to say about her new novel.

What she says, basically, is that if you read her blog regularly, and absorb all the free info and help for writers that it contains, then the least you can do is go out and buy the book. Think of it as paying your dues.

This works out at roughly $20 a year, so I can't say that I disagree with her, but the blog is not called Buzz, Balls and Hype for nothing. And it's the balls bit I'm thinking of first.

Entitled The Reincarnationist, M.J.'s new book is suspense, takes place in NYC now and in 1884, and Rome now and 391 (AD). M.J. says she's really proud of this novel. It's her first BEA Buzz book, her first Booksense pick (for September), her first starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, her first review in Entertainment Weekly, and more to come according to emails she's had.

Oh yes, and there's a booktrailer done by Vidlit, an interview done by Expanded Books, and a podcast where Carol Memmot from USA Today interviews the author. Links to all these on the book's web site.

Those are the buzz and hype bits. A lesson in how to do it.


Anonymous said...

If MJR's free words of wisdom is worth the cost of buying her books, what then of the immense help GOB gives, both by means of his blog, free e-books and essays?
Not difficult to find books written under his own name and his different pen names — they are linked to this site. I am only just finding out the excellence of his writing AND learning from it.

Anonymous said...

Never mind M.J. Rose, what of GOB's comprehensive blog, his free e-books and essays? So much to read, enjoy and learn from. It seems to me GOB hides his light under a bushel of pen names. But what talent lies beneath!

Anonymous said...

There are people who sell books. And there are people who truly write them.

It's impossible to fully express the contribution GOB has made to the world of literature, not only by his superlative writing, but by raising the bar to which writers should aspire. I daresay you've actually inspired a bit of a revolution with your encouragement of Creative Commons, the sharing of your work to be read and not shamelessly ballyhooed, and by challenging the revered publishing establishment.

I know there are those who will say, of course, that ballyhoo is where it's at and is the key to demonstrating worth as a writer. And maybe they're right, in today's world. But GOB has opened some doors to change that, I suspect, will weave their way around in a broadening circle.

gih said...

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