Thursday, August 09, 2007

The arrogance of Angus and Robertson

This snippet deserves a post of its own.

Periodically there are rows in the UK about the charges that the big book chains impose upon publishers if the publishers want their books to have any kind of prominence. See, for example, my post of 26 October 2004.

Now there's one hell of a row in full spate in Australia -- reported by the Sydney Morning Herald. Angus and Robertson get a smart kick in the balls in response to their arrogance. So far, as I write this, 68 steaming comments. Many more, I suspect, by the time you read this.

Link from Anastasia.


Anonymous said...

Your use of the word 'arrogance' is entirely apropos--this letter is the height of it. The letter's concluding line, however, is so pompous as to be astonishing. It's actually hard to believe it wasn't a joke.

peterc said...

In the SMH comments, someone quickly made the Red Dwarf connection. Perhaps Charlie is one of Arnold's progenitors?

Anonymous said...

Good Catch GOB! and I could not comment better than others here nor there, and especially MR's reply, but to add that I did notice in that reply one of your points earlier:

"...I literally burst out laughing aloud."

Where use of "literally" seems both poignant and appropos. One commenter even suggested that the reply deserved a lit'rary award. Bravo to all!

DS said...

You should check out what the Australian Society of Authors has to say about it, very interesting indeed.

Simon Haynes said...

Good to see you blogging ;-)

The SMH article now has 239 comments and they're still sounding off.

Australians are huge on supporting the underdog, whatever the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of discussion about this over at Making Light, too:

I can't help feeling that Angus & Robertson must be wishing that the letter had never been sent.

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