Thursday, October 06, 2005

Old Earth Books

Michael Walsh, of Old Earth Books, writes to tell me that his small press will publish the American edition of Christopher Priest's The Separation, a book which was favourably mentioned here on 11 November 2004, and which was the winner in 2003 of both the BSFA Award and the Arthur C. Clarke Award. The web site for OEB has no details of this publication as yet, but they will appear in due course.

Meanwhile OEB has much more to offer, including a collection of essays on Terry Pratchett and Michael Swanwick's book Being Gardner Dozois.

Michael Walsh, by the way, is not a full-time publisher. By day he is a sales rep for Johns Hopkins University Press. This just goes to show what can be achieved in this day and age by an enthusiast who is capable of functioning without sleep.

The OEB site, by the way, contains a piece of news passed on by Susanna Clarke: 'There is a rule now, that no British train may leave the station until there's someone on board reading Terry Pratchett.' And quite right too.

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