Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The future of the book

Booktrade.info found an article in the Global Politician which is worth a look.

Written by Sam Vaknin, the article is entitled 'The Future of the Book'. And indeed it does say something about the future; but for the most part it is a review of the history of the book. It reveals how, over the centuries, the same attitudes have been manifested over and over again, on the part of those involved in the book trade.

Vaknin (see his biog at the end of his article) seems tolerably well qualified to be writing about this sort of thing. And he is also the author of no less than 22 free ebooks. Some of these turn out to be about narcissistic personality disorder, which raised its pretty little head on this very blog only last week.

Vaknin's discussion of the future of the book is exactly the sort of material that should be read by those in search of a publisher (which seems to be almost everyone these days). It should also be read, of course, by those involved in publishing. But most of them are going to be far too busy doing lunch and phoning people.


Anonymous said...

Delightful article. Publishers do react today in the same way they have historically, resisting change and condemning it as trash.
Change always comes slowly, however, so there will many opportunities to do lunch.

Anonymous said...

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