Friday, July 15, 2005


The Literary Saloon drew my attention to a new (?) web site called Britlitblogs.

Britlitblogs does what it says on the label. It provides you with a summary of the recent posts on six UK-based blogs dealing with the book world; it also provides links to a number of other British blogs of the same type.

The GOB, you will be pleased to hear, is included in Britlitblogs. Not in the main list of six, but at the bottom.

Right underneath the link to the GOB, there is a link to a blog called Pornlit, which is, of course, nothing to do with me. Heaven forfend that you should think so. But I went and had a look at it anyway. Purely in the interests of research.

Hmm. All sort of oddities here. One of which is a link to a piece about the history of vibrators, from which there is another link to a slide show about same. I realise that you wouldn't be remotely interested in any of that, but I just thought I'd mention it.


Anonymous said...

Well, naturally I went to Pornlit, only to learn that how a Bajan woman cooks cou-cou is a good predictor of her, um, nighttime potential.

I'll stick with the GOB and my worn copy of the Kinsey Report.

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