Friday, September 02, 2005

Woman's Corner

Andy O'Hara, who has been a keen reader of the GOB for some time, has started his own blog, Mr Toad's Wild Ride. He intends to run for President, which should be interesting.

More to the point, perhaps, Andy and his wife run a free internet magazine entitled Woman's Corner. Wife Lisa is the editor. Like many of us, Andy and Lisa haven't been able to figure out any way to make any money out of what they do. So, one might ask, why bother?

The answer is that Andy and Lisa have this eccentric idea that writers can make the world a better place, whether through poetry, prose, fiction, or non-fiction. The results are, as I say, free of charge. And submissions are invited; even from men.


Andrew said...

We're flattered to be mentioned by His Grumpiness. Indeed, doing anything for free beyond wrapping bandages at the Red Cross is considered lunacy. All the more reason to do it. And Mister Toad is working on allowing British voters into our voting process. We haven't done well on our own, of late.

jon said...

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