Friday, September 16, 2005

Pause in posts

There will be no further posts on the GOB until Monday 26 September, as Mrs GOB and I are taking a break.

In the meantime, here are some other things for you to read.

The Book Standard has two articles which provide some thinking material for anyone involved in the writing business. First, Neil Gaiman is interviewed. He talks mainly about his experiences in film writing but touches also upon the way in which the media are changing, and how writers can find new ways to achieve old effects.

Then we have Judith Regan on similar themes, as seen from her position 'on the cutting edge of the information/entertainment nexus'.

Poynter and Snow, at, have a monthly newsletter which usually contains something interesting. This time they point out that, come 29 September, there is a 'Book Summit', at which the 'visionaries of modern book publishing' will discuss production, promotion, and the challenges facing the digital industry.

Most of us are unlikely to attend, but in the meantime there is a mass of advance commentary posted on the Book Summit blog site.

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Jackie Bradley said...

Great blog and very interesting about Julian Fane. I have just been given a copy of Morning, bought in a shop (not a bookshop, but a stylish home interiors shop in Lewes. It looked fascinating and although I had heard the name I couldn't recall anything about him. Great info. Thank you.
(from a Grumpy Old Woman!)