Monday, September 12, 2005

More on emotions

On Thursday last I wrote a piece about Dylan Evans's book on placebos, and I mentioned in passing that he is the author of a book called Emotion: The Science of Sentiment. This prompted the ever-thoughtful Paul Vitols to do his own thinking about emotions, and the practice of deliberately trying to evoke same through what in shorthand terms we will call a work of art.

If you are a practising writer, these are things to think about. For more on my own views, see my piece of 13 July.

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Me said...

I tend to remain on the dark side of the human experience in both my scripts and my prose. Emotion is something I give a lot of thought to so the links and the comments are appreciated.

To date, I have never caused anyone to hurl their coat into the air...but I try with each new creation.