Thursday, February 21, 2013

Loadsa free stuff

I've been doing much work on setting up my numerous Kindle books to make nearly all of them free at some point in the coming weeks. The quickest way to check what is on free offer at any time is to go to my author page on the US Amazon or the UK version.

There, if you make sure that you've clicked the Kindle heading, you will see at a glance what happens to be free at that time.

As of the time and date of writing this post, for example, the following are free:

Lucius the Club -- crime novella
Amadea -- literary/fantasy short story
Wolla-wolla-wolla-wolla-woo! -- humorous short story (actually it's about no. 35 on the bestsellers list for free short stories)

Soon to come on the freebie schedule, for five days at a time, are:

Mr Fenman's Farewell to his Readers -- literary/fantasy novella -- from 23 Feb.
How and why Lisa's Dad got to be famous -- women's fiction novel -- from 24 Feb.
Daphne Before She Died -- women's fiction novel -- from 25 Feb.

And more, yet to be scheduled.

When you look at this list, you're probably wondering why I write in so many different genres, instead of sticking to one thing and building a readership.

Yes, I wonder that too.


Beverly C. Gray said...

You write in multiple genres because it's fun? I read in multiple genres because my interests are eclectic so why shouldn't a writer do the same? Glad to see so many of your stories becoming available. I'm looking forward to reading them.

Anne Brooke said...

I write and read in lots of different genres too - we should be proud of our wide-ranging interests, not puzzled!

Anne B

Gladys Hobson said...

Why do you write in different genres? Because you CAN and beautifully. Having read a number of your books I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys a good read. (As I have on a number of my blog posts (my wordpress blog I think). What an eduction you've had. No wonder the topics of your books are wide and full of interesting detail!

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