Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Eccentricities of the net

There's got to be a book in this somewhere

An email informs me that a search is on for female musicians and singers to be part of the Real Girl Band. In order to qualify for membership you need to be 'female, at least a size 16, have some musical talent and be ready for stardom.' Well, that's not quite me, of course, but I'm interested.

Details available online, naturally, and the sponsors include Just as Beautiful magazine.

An opportunity here, surely, for an enterprising freelance to write a blog/blook and make everybody even richer and more famous than they are sure to be anyway.


Zenofeller done wrote himself a book. With Chet. And you can read it free, online. And there's more about it here.

Caspar Wintermans has produced a new biography of Alfred Douglas, aka Bosie.

Ted Gioia runs the Great Books Guide, which is, I suspect, deliberately provocative and certainly highbrow; though he does include Agatha Christie at no 83 on the 100 greatest novels list.

Ted also appears on Blogcritics magazine.

None May Say is one of a noble and growing band of reviewers who deal only with POD books (mostly self-published).

Another Sky Press is doing a collection of cutting-edge fiction: not for the faint-hearted.

OK, now this one ya gotta see. I have no idea what it's advertising, but whatever it is, it should sell a million. Or two. Thanks to M.J. Rose for pointing it out.

Marti Lawrence has a Squidoo lens on self-publishing. It contains more information than any one person could possibly absorb, all of it valuable.

Lynne W. Scanlon loses patience with the big booksellers.

John Howard, author of The Key to Chintak (which is doing quite nicely, thank you, in the children's section) highlights Nicholas Clee on the way in which large publishing houses are keeping an eye on the self-publishers and small presses.


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Thank you so much for the link!

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"Ya gotta see" video! I'm still laughing!

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So much--so fast--huff huff--gotta pay my rent--