Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sheldon Goldfarb: Remember, Remember

Sheldon Goldfarb is the author of Remember, Remember, which is a novel for 'young (and older) adults, set in Victorian England.'

Now as a matter of fact there are few better times and places to set a novel than in Victorian England. It is a setting that I have used several times myself, most recently in the crime novel The Suppression of Vice, written under the pen-name Patrick Read. This is available world-wide through Amazon, either dot com or dot co dot uk. It is also available as an ebook under the title Deadly Vices. (Publishers do that sort of thing -- change titles on you.)

But enough of me. Fascinating though the subject is. Back to Sheldon Goldfarb.

Sheldon is a man with a PhD in Victorian literature, so he knows the background all right. And I've read the first chapter of Remember, Remember, and it seems just fine to me. I am not surprised, however, to find that, although Sheldon has garnered some enthusiastic quotes from adults, his keenest readers seem to be aged 11 or so.

Should you want something to tempt your 11-year-old, try Remember, Remember.

Sheldon and his book are published by UKA Press, which is an interesting outfit but which is, unfortunately, closed to submissions at present. Ian Hocking's Deja Vu is another publication of theirs. See also my note about the difference between UK Authors and UKA Press.

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