Monday, May 16, 2005

More OBEs

One of my daily sources of information about the lunatic worlds of writing and publishing is the Publishers Lunch newsletter. This costs money, unfortunately, otherwise I would recommend it without reservation. But anyway, from time to time I pass on various items which appear in it and which may be of interest.

One such item recently was a mention of WebdelSol, a very professional-looking site which seems to make reference to a number of the arts, but is particularly strong on literature. You might try, for instance, the House of Blogs page. Also worth looking at are the links to Algonkian. Caution -- Algonkian is an outfit which wants your money. But who knows -- what they have to offer may be worth every penny. In any event they also offer interviews with some top literary agents, and if you still believe that you have a dazzling future in front of you there may be things to learn here.

Another link provided by Publishers Lunch is to yet another attempt to make a living from the web, this time one launched by fantasy writer Lawrence Watt-Evans. Apparently no mainstream publisher was interested in the ninth volume in his Legends of Ethshar series, so he is offering the book online on a sort of instalment plan. If there are enough enthusiastic readers to pay him a total of $100 each week, he will issue another chapter. If not, presumably that's it, at any rate until the target figure is reached.

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