Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Wodehouse lives

My short piece about P.G. Wodehouse attracted more comment than any other single post on the GOB has ever done. So quite obviously the great man is still much admired, republished, and read. Though he is not, it would appear, much studied in universities. Well thank God for that, anyway.

One commenter points us towards what is apparently a Wodehouse-inspired spoof: Wake up, Sir! by Jonathan Ames (available from Amazon, either co.uk or com). The com site has more info than the uk, and the book certainly looks as if it might be fun.

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Anonymous said...

A propos Wodehouse's Mulliner contes from the snug bar of The Angler's Rest, "Rose Cottage" is surely the funniest ghost story in any language, the Russian included.
By the way, for an updated Wooster with true viagra, immoral uplift and espieglerie, do have a look at James Leigh's vastly stylish and entertaining novel Hangdog Hall, published online by onlineoriginals.com.