Monday, February 07, 2005

Fame and glory

You may perhaps be aware that there are a number of prizes or awards for blogs (as for virtually everything else), and the nominations for the title of best weblog of 2005, in various categories, are now available. I'm afraid it appears to be too late to vote, but never mind, you might find a link to an interesting site.

The Bloggies are now in their fifth year, and so I suppose they have achieved a certain amount of prestige. Unfortunately, the GOB didn't get shortlisted for a Bloggie -- dammit -- but all is not lost, because the GOB did get listed by the Guardian as one of the top ten literary blogs. Which is nice. 'Intelligent and unfailingly interesting' says the Guardian. Very flattering indeed. The only trouble is, I now have to try to live up to the hype.


Suzan Abrams, email: said...

I think you're doing ok, Mr. Michael Allen. I enjoy reading your blog all the time. cheers!

Anonymous said...

I'll second that.

scarecrow. (

Constance said...

Thank You for the links.
The whole Bloggies event is new to me.
Congradulations on making the Literary Top Ten !
Thank You, also, for sharing the Top Ten in the literary scene.
I see a few that promise to be interesting reads if I can access them.
May the blogger posting and prizes continue to be rewarding for you.
After only reading GOB for a few weeks, GOB is still a favorite.
*actually on my yahoo, which is really a better spot*

Stevens said...

I third that!

It's a morning must-read for me.

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