Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The right attitude and the right stuff

It is not often that I come across a blog or a web site that I can unreservedly recommend, but here are three (or four) links which I encourage you to follow up.

Book Angst, run by Mad Max, has been around a while, but on 6 January it carried a valuable and enlightening interview with a paperback writer who has quite a few names but is known here as Lynn Viehl. Very much worth reading.

Ms Viehl also has her own blog, Paperback Writer, which is the best blog I have looked at in a long time. I particularly enjoyed the piece from 8 January. Let's hope she doesn't get too busy to keep it going. This lady has the right attitude.

And finally, Backspace, which describes itself as a writer's resource, has had the good sense to commission two articles (so far) on publishing in the twenty-first century from Richard Curtis. Part I can be found here, and Part II here. Part III will presumably be published soon. Mr Curtis is a long-established literary agent and a writer to boot, and he provides here one of the most lucid accounts of modern publishing developments that I have ever read.

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