Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wottakars is a-cummen in

There have been so many twists and turns in this everyday story of booktrade folk that I have grown weary of even thinking about it, let alone saying anything here. But it seems, subject, no doubt, to the whims of the gods, that HMV (owners of the UK bookselling chain Waterstone's) are at last about to buy Ottakar's (a smaller chain). Reuters have the story (link from

There are those who feel that this is a thoroughly bad thing for writers and publishers, in that it will reduce competition on the UK high street, and create an entity even more powerful than the present Waterstone's, i.e. one which can bully the publishers to an even geater extent than is the case today.

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Clive Keeble said...

In common with many indies I consider that the integration of Ottakar's into Waterstone's will have a positive impact on my own business.

As for the luvvies, wake up me darlings, its a tough life nowadays in terrestial retail : no place for sentiment and blathering...on the other hand, there are always suitable empty premises if the luvvies want to open a few co-operative bookshops.

If Waterstone's are seen as "bully boys" to the publishers, then what the heck are Tesco's ? Flavour of the month, no doubt.