Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mr Accident-Prone

Here is another in Loren Kantor's series of woodcuts of writers. (I mentioned other examples here.)

I knew quite a lot of the Hemingway life story, but until I read Loren's accompanying article I hadn't realised that the old bastard had such a history of accidents. Extraordinary.


Mike Wallagher said...

Great story!

Worth reading for everyone!

Tom Raymond said...

He was a liar, too. Claimed he'd slept with Mata Hari - that she was "somewhat heavy in the thigh" - even though she'd died before he left America. Sometimes, of course, a lie is so egregious that it almost becomes a work of art. Hats off.

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Stephine said...

Loren Kantor is a Los Angeles based woodcut artist and writer. For the past two decades he's worked in the film and Buy Custom Essay Online music industry. He carves original woodcut and linocut prints based on his favorite cultural iconoclasts. I later learned the roots of film noir came from German Expressionist movies so this provided a nice link to the woodcuts.