Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Parental guidance

The Scrivener's Error blog has a piece on the rating of films (PG and so forth) which is worth a look if you are interested in the question of censorship. It is an old question -- why are we so terrified of sex, and yet will tolerate high levels of graphic violence in our movies? Yet it remains one of concern to parents.

And while you're peeking at Scrivener's Error, you might wish to go back to 4 August 2004 and read what he has to say about the 'boosterism of self-publishing' -- i.e. that list of famous writers who self-published at least some of their books. This list crops up, in one plagiarised form or another, on every web site which wants to persuade you to self-publish your book, using, of course, the facilities provided, for a fee, by the company which set up the web site. As C.E. Petit points out, the list is, to put it politely, misleading.


Andrew said...

When "The Untouchables" shows up on television with Al Capone beating a man to death with a baseball bat, the phone lines are quiet. Let a bare breast--yes, even Janet Jackson's--be shown and parents are on the march. Even when people say, "too much sex and violence," I note that "sex" is always mentioned first.

Good commentary on self-publishing. It's a fine process as long as one enters it with open eyes and not buy into the silly claims.

Constance said...

Parents should rally against the excessive exposure to adult actors and annimation in pure fiction. Of course this would expose more children to the acting profession, which even I shudder to think about.

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