Friday, March 18, 2005

Naked girls warning

Michael Schaub, on Booklsut, has rightly drawn attention to the fact that publishing is about to sink to a new low. Leonard Nimoy, the guy from Star Trek with the funny ears, is about to publish a book featuring photographs of naked fat-bottomed girls.

Look, it was bad enough when Queen (back in 1978) wrote a song about fat-bottomed girls. The lyrics were utterly disgraceful, with references to various perverted desires over which we will hastily draw a duvet. And there was a video too, which I saw once. I don't think I've ever been quite the same since. There are reports that 50 naked girls were hired to stage a bicycle race for said video, and there are some even more disgusting stories about the aftermath of that event. What is more, I seem to remember that when the video was being filmed, press photographers were in attendance, so there may even be some still shots somewhere.

And now Nimoy is going to produce a new book of similar photographs. This is absolutely intolerable. If anyone can tell me who the publisher is, how much it costs, and where I can get a copy, I shall be extremely grateful, as it will enable me to issue an even more detailed warning at a future date. How fortunate you all are that clean-living chaps like Schaub and myself are around to ensure that you don't come to moral harm.


Susan Abraham said...

Hi Michael,
Indeed, indeed!
To this 'very' bodyguard approach, I am pleasantly shocked!

Andrew said...

Nimoy will be lauded as a celebrity daring to take on "serious art." He will be propelled to the top of the best seller list and be known as a god.
Even Oprah will show fat-bottomed girls...on bicycles, no doubt.

Susan Abraham said...

My God, Andrew!
All that hanging bulge of flesh on a summer's day... Ever thought of writing erotica?

Bill Peschel said...

If you want to avoid fat-bottomed girls elsewhere, don't pick up Queen's "Jazz" album, whose gatefold shows a pix from the shoot. After close scrutiny, none of them seem to qualify for FBG status.

Bill Peschel said...

By "album," I mean those 12-inch square pieces of cardboard containing a platter made of a petroleum-based vinyl product inscribed with a groove curling from the outer rim to the center.

Jhon Smith said...

Well written!
Will be back soon!
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