Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The right attitude

In The Times on Monday last, Elmore Leonard was quoted as follows:
I got into crime because I knew it could sell. And that’s my purpose, to write as well as I can and to sell and make money.
Now that’s what I like to hear from a writer. There’s none of your arty-farty, airy-fairy, half-witted, feeble-minded, cretinous, childish and immature nonsense about ‘expressing himself’ from Elmore Leonard, please notice.

Perhaps the National Academy of Writing (see 1 September) should invite Elmore to give a seminar or two. Very possibly he has already done a similar stint at the University of Iowa.

And no, madam, this Elmore is not the same chap who recorded ‘Dust My Broom’. This is a different Elmore entirely. Yes it is an unusual name, I grant you, but take my word for it, this Elmore does not play the guitar. At least not professionally. He just writes. Rather well, and rather successfully. And who knows, his success may even be related to the fact that he has the right attitude.

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