Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Dixon's man for Waterstone's

The Bookseller announces that David Gilbert, former head of Dixons group, and before that m.d. of the electrical retail giant Currys, has been appointed as managing director of Waterstone's. He has two degrees in English literature.

Well now, this is just what the UK book trade needs. Isn't it?

I once worked for an American boss, and he insisted that every incoming phone call should be answered within four rings. Do you know what they do at my local Currys? The rule there is that personal customers, actually in the shop, take priority. Answering the phone is left to anyone who's free, and who feels like putting down their cup of coffee to do the job. And, since they are not exactly overstaffed, no one ever is free. So the phone rings.... And rings.... And rings....

Good luck when you next try to contact Waterstone's.

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